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We have been in the business of stock broking for 4 generations now and over these years we have realized that unfortunately this marketplace has never been used as a means of creation of wealth and on the contrary has somehow been perceived as a place to generate quick money. This leads to speculation, leverage and consequently losses and thus a wrong perception of this business. We intend to transform this all !!


Having successfully generated excellent research ideas for over a decade and having used the same to create wealth for our clients and also ourselves, we can say with reasonable certainty that this marketplace offers immense opportunity for wealth creation and out-performs all other asset classes. The important ingredients for investing in these markets is patience, conviction and most importantly discipline.


KB Capital has also been empanelled with reputed financial institutions, mutual funds and banks. 


Pillars of Success
Dilip Khandelwal

He was instrumental in transforming a traditional family run brokerage business to an institutional broker and diversifying to services including depository services and portfolio management services. Academically he has done his Graduation from City College, Kolkata and has an experience of over 47 years in Financial Markets.

Prashant Khandelwal
Whole-time Director

He has an experience of 29 years in the Financial Markets. Having completed his graduation in Commerce, he has also attended a Program on Portfolio Management and Program on Advanced Financial Management at IIM, Ahmedabad. He is the back bone of the company. He was inducted by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) into the “Committee on Settlement Issues” and had been the Regional Arbitrator for the Exchange for three years. He was also the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Capital Markets at MCC Chanmber of Commerce & Industry.


Bharti Khandelwal
Whole-time Director

Having an experience of over 44 years in the Stock Markets she has been the driving force in the organisation. She has been influential in taking the company to new heights and her determination has been the key to our success.

Kaushik Poddar
Whole-time Director

Mr. Kaushik Poddar, heads the PMS division and has been the key person behind the excellent investment ideas generated by the Company. Mr. Poddar has been with our Company for over 26 years now, prior to which he was the Fund Manager at Morgan Stanley for two years and at SBI Mutual Fund for six years.

The Team
Preeti Khandelwal
Whole-time Director
Rakesh Gupta
Tanmay Khandelwal 
Asst Vice-President
Vikash Pachisia
Rashmi Gupta
Asst. Vice-President
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