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Wealth creation is a risky business. Like many, I was a non-believer in the stock market as popular opinion was in favour of pain rather than gain. However, I laud the exceptional job that KB Capital has done for us. There have been years when the portfolio has not performed, but in the past fifteen years during which we have reposed our faith in KB's PMS division, the performance has far surpassed even our wildest expectations. Combined with the team's exceptional accessibility and efficiency, I'm sure makes their PMS one of the best performing that I am aware of. ​

- Barsha Khattry

I was one of the early investors in KB Capital's PMS. That was by far the smartest decision I ever made. They have demonstrated that time and patience can generate phenomenal returns. 

- Dr. M. Manocha

I have been a customer of KB Capital for over a decade. Their investment team is experienced, focussed and inspires confidence. Their approach to investing is research-oriented and methodical, with returns consistently out-performing market indices. Support services are quick and friendly. I would recommend KB Capital to anyone looking to invest in the Equity markets.

My association of over 15 years with KB Capital started off as a casual discussion with Prashant and Mr. Poddar over a cup of tea about capital markets in general and India’s changing and dynamic position in the world order. I realised that most of the views I held were seconded by them and that there was a certain sense of conviction and sincerity in their approach to what arguably promised to be “exciting times”. I knew then that my investment was in very good hands and I initiated my PMS investment.


The years that have followed in capital markets have been both tumultuous  and incredibly rewarding for investors and my original conviction in the investment approach of the fund managers has only been buttressed over and over again. I would be biased if I said that there were no moments of doubt and in this journey but these were largely on account of extraneous factors. In fact, it is during such crises that the true grit and clarity of thought of the fund managers came to the fore and while no one is immune to such factors, with their disciplined and if I may say so, conservative approach, they ensured that the damage was far less than what other investors experienced.


The other aspect of an association with KB Capital is professional service with a personal touch. Someone is always there to discuss the portfolio, give balances (Rakesh, in point) and generally to chat about the market and it’s prospects! With all this in place, it’s little wonder that they have built up a formidable client base an grown from strength to strength

- Navin Nayar

- Deepak Soman

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